This page presents a selection of Portknockie photographs, mainly from our family collection but also from relatives and collaborators.

The page will evolve as more photographs are added and grouped together.


School photographs

Portknockie School Photograph c1888/9

Portknockie School Photograph c1888/9  1, 2, 3

Alexander Pirie front row, 5th from left.

Portknockie School Photograph c1926

Portknockie School Photograph, Infant Division, c1926  4

Edgar Mair front row, 2nd from left. Miss Crossley was the infant class teacher.

(Names kindly provided by Edgar Mair)

Portknockie School Photograph c1932/3

Portknockie School Photograph, c1932/3  5

Back row (L to R):
James G Mair, Sinclair Slater, W J Innes, James Wood, James Geddes, George Slater (Jockie)

Middle row (L to R):
Nancy Simpson (?), Ina Findlay, Elsie Bruce Mair, Helen Slater, Mary Pirie, Sarah Pirie (?), Unknown, Unknown

Front row (L to R):
David Pirie, Eleanor Sinclair, Ronnie Taylor

(Names kindly provided by Carolyn Hatt)

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Portknockie School Photograph c1931/32

Portknockie School Photograph, Advanced Division 1, c1931/32  4

Back row (L to R):
Arthur J Innes*, Tommy Bruce, Joe Wilson, Alex Donaldson, Alan Mair, James Wood*, Alan Farquhar, Edgar Mair*, Willie Slater (?)

Second row from back (L to R):
George W Slater, Kitty Wood, Tibbie Farquhar, Helen Pirie, Jessie H Falconer, Kathy Mair, Louise Addison, George Smith*

Third row from back (L to R):
Jean Legge, Frances Slater, Penelope Slater, Gladys Work*, Gladys Slater, Margaret G Wood, Elizabeth Mair, Cathy Innes

Front row (L to R):
James W Pirie, David Pirie, John W Mair, James B Mair*, Francis Slater

* Added to original class
(Names kindly provided by Edgar Mair)

Harbour photographs

Zulu fishing boats in Portknockie Harbour

Zulu fishing boats in Portknockie Harbour  2

The boats in the photograph are mainly Zulus. There may be one or two Fifies mixed up in them and if you look carefully two very early drifters are in there as well. The Zulu in the lower right hand corner is the 'Evangeline' BF1952, lost with all hands off Orkney in January 1905.

Lady Seafield laying the memorial stone at Portknockie Harbour on 25 April 1890

Lady Seafield laying the memorial stone at the newly constructed
Portknockie Harbour on 25 April 1890

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Steam drifter ‘Trident’ BF1049 leaving Portknockie Harbour

Steam drifter ‘Trident’ BF1049 leaving Portknockie Harbour  3

Portknockie Harbour

Portknockie Harbour  2

Coastline photographs

Bow Fiddle Rock, Portknockie

Bow Fiddle Rock, Portknockie  3

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Three Creeks shore, Portknockie

Three Creeks shore, Portknockie  2


Seafield Street, Portknockie

Seafield Street, Portknockie  3

Portknockie from Green Castle

Portknockie from Green Castle  1

We hope you like our photos.

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  4. Photograph collection of Edgar Mair
  5. Photograph collection of Carolyn Hatt

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